Favolaschia calocera
Favolaschia calocera
R. Heim


Revue Mycol., Paris 31(2): 154 (1966)


Species description forthcoming.



Favolaschia calocera appears to be a relatively new arrival to the Hawaiian Islands. The only other Favolashia present in Hawai‘i, F. minima (Jungh.) SInger, can be easily distinquished by its white coloration and much smaller size (0.3-1 mm diam). Unfortunately F. calocera is considerd invasive by some investigators, and certainly seems to be increasing it's range on the Big Island at a very fast rate. Prior to 2009 this species had not been encountered in Hawai‘i, but since that time has been found with increasing frequency. On the Big Island we regularly collect F. calocera in both native and non-native forest stands. If you encounter this species in Hawai‘i, please send us an email (contact info below) regarding the location, date and habitat in which it was found.